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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do Angels fart and if so, do they smell ?

We have Earthly bodies, and we must eat, digest and pas gas once in a while.

Angels were not born of women. They are spiritual entities who are free to go from Heaven to Earth.

Angels are messengers of God and as Spirit beings and do not have physical bodies, although they can in some circumstances project an image or illusion of a flesh and blood body for the purpose of communicating with Humans.

So, many believe that Angels do not fart.

However, there are also many who believe that Angels do fart, and that their farts smell like a summer day, or a warm house and a pumpkin pie baking, or a field of spring flowers, or a crackling autumnal fireplace ...depending on their mood and the time of year!
Further, there is some empirical evidence that Glade Plug are actually made from Angel farts.  Angel farts are also used to manufacture think those little white things are that everyone uses for packing materials.

Angel farts are dense, especially if they have eaten Angel cake, and can be easily seen as the vapor trails in the sky.

Angels fart, we enjoy!

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