FartAngels is a nonprofit global community that fosters farting, fart arting and art farting.We support Angel Farts, Farting Angels, Farting Animals, and mere mortal fart practioners, fart educators and propagators, fart artists and artist that can barely fart, and fart scientists whose work ensures and promotes the sustainability of global farting, because in our world нема ссики без пердики як весілля без музики !

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Under professional management!

Our Fart Angels collaborative, and the Artist in consist of, is now professionally managed and represented by The Top Talents artist management.

www.TheTopTalents.org is the premier international creative talent management organization to foster, promote and manage professional musicians, writers, poets, painters, sculptors, cartoonists, actors,models, singers, song writers, and comedians, to name a few!

We look forward to successful 'commercialisation" of the fart art

Be well & stay flatulent my friends!

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